Exploring Design Options

Now that you've decided to become a blogger, there is a little homework you'll need to complete. You will need to explore existing blogs to determine features you like and what you don't like. You may find starting a Google Doc file helpful as you weigh the pros and cons. If you can  record links to sites you like, make a bulleted list of the features you MUST HAVE, and features you do not have an interest in, that information would be very helpful as we try to work together on your blog design vision if you decide you'd like for me to design your blog,

Choosing Your Blog Template:

Below, you'll find a two sites that sell blogger templates. Of these two, I am most familiar with Georgia Lou templates. They are customizable and mobile responsive which is important when you're trying to reach your audience. How a blog displays on mobile devices matters as the majority of your readers will be reading on a mobile device versus a laptop. Click the image to the right to visit my template board.

Color Preferences:

As you search blogs you like, really consider branding. One way to brand your blog is through color. Using your color scheme consistently with your images helps give a cohesive look. If you aren't sure what colors coordinate, check out the color scheme board to the right to get started. On Pinterest, you can search DESIGN SEEDS for a plethora of color palettes. As you're looking at other blogs, pay attention to whether you're drawn to bold colors that pop, soft colors that calm, monochromatic looks, primary colors, or neon. Keep in mind that you want a palette that appeals to you first, but also one that your readers will like too.

Fonts Pairings:

The longer I work on resource design and now blog design, the pickier I am with fonts. Not all fonts are equal, and it is really important to keep a few things in mind when choosing your fonts. For starters, your blog text must be readable. You want to keep it simple. Fancy fonts do not belong in the text and will send your readers right off your page. In my opinion, this same rule applies to your titles and headings. You don't want the font to take away from your information in these spaces. 

On the other hand, you can get creative with your blog header. Script fonts paired with a sleek all caps font works very well. The board to the right has many great pins showing font pairings. Most fonts are available through Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Creative Market. Be sure to read terms of use with your fonts (and clip art) to be sure they are approved for blog use. If you are not sure, you can always email the designer for their input.


If you have a blog name or theme in mind, start looking for clip art that appeals to you. When I had my blog design done a few years ago, I was really drawn to a particular artist. I reached out to her via email and asked if she did custom clip art for blogs, and to my surprise, she was thrilled to be asked and even created the artwork in the color scheme I had selected. Moral of the story...it never hurts to ask! 

The board to the right are linked to clip artists whose artwork has been included in projects I've made. Because your blog is online, be sure to read the terms of use carefully. Some clip artists allow their work to be incorporated into blogs while others strictly prohibit blog use. Once the blog is published, it is your responsibility to adhere to the designer's terms of use. 

I will close with one BIG piece of advice. Take your time in planning. If you rush, you will just end up redesigning your blog down the road. It takes time to build your brand, so your color scheme, fonts, and clip art matter. They will make your work easily recognizable on Pinterest and in social media, and you will not want to deviate much from your selections once your brand is established. Talk with your friends. Take note of what you like in the blogs you visit and what you don't like. You might not notice things like labels (that are not changable in a blog template), where the category tags show up, or where the social sharing buttons are in a post, but these things will annoy you down the road if you aren't careful. Remember, as we get started planning, I will definitely point things out to you BEFORE you settle on a blog template, color scheme, font, or clip art, but ultimately, it is your blog and your investment. I promise that I'll make it however you like.

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